What Is the Spiritual Meaning Behind Numbers?

In numerology, each number imprints a specific energy on a person or event. The numbers with the greatest influence on someone's life are the Lifepath Number (based on the date of birth) and the Expression or Destiny Number (based on a person's full name). The Lifepath Number represents certain predispositions acquired at birth and the nature of life's journey. The Destiny Number contains information about one's goals, potential and opportunities.

When determining the Destiny number, each letter is assigned a numerical value between one and nine in alphabetical order. The corresponding values are added up. Then, the digits of the resulting number are added up until the result is between one and nine. The exceptions are 11 and 22, which are considered to be "master numbers." To find out the Lifepath number of a person, the date, month and year of birth are added up, and the same process is applied until the result is between one and nine, 11, or 22.

Numerology predictions are made by applying meanings of numbers to dates or times of a certain moment. To make personal predictions, a numerologist compares the energy of personal numbers and present dates.

In addition to the date of birth, all the numbers in one's life have a certain influence, varying in relevance and importance. The most common instances are phone numbers, addresses, ID numbers and Social Security numbers.