What Are Some Spiritual Interpretations of Numbers?

What Are Some Spiritual Interpretations of Numbers?

Spiritual meanings of numbers come from the traditions of numerology and also from the Bible. According to BibleStudy.org, one in five verses in scripture contains some type of number. The number one in the Bible stands for God, while in numerology, the number one means new beginnings, positivity and energy, according to What's-Your-Sign.com.

The meanings of numbers in numerology and the Bible are sometimes very similar, and other times far apart.

In numerology, the number two represents quiet power, kindness and duality. The number two in the Bible can mean unity, division or the number for verification. The number three in numerology represents magic, creativity and the time expression of past, present and future. In the Bible, the number three appears nearly 500 times and represents completeness.

The number four in numerology represents balance, using such as examples as the four elements and the four seasons. In the Bible, four represents creation; according to Genesis, God created the material universe on the fourth day. The meanings are thus somewhat similar in both the Bible and numerology.

The number five primarily represents chaos and unpredictability in numerology, but also represents travel and adventure. A very different meaning appears in the Bible, where five represents grace.