What Is Spiritual Cleansing?


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Spiritual cleansing is a process said to remove a person's negative or undesirable energy to make room for positive experiences. Several methods for spiritual cleansing include bathing with salts, meditation with prayer or mantras, or burning herbs to release smoke, also known as smudging.

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A person can perform a spiritual cleansing on himself, but some choose to hire others to help them. An energy healer cleanses someone's spirit through rituals such as foot washing or rolling a raw egg in its shell over the affected person's body.

An energy healer can also perform a cleansing on a specific location, such as a person's home or place of business, with the intent of removing curses or bad spirits. Ritual cleansing materials may include holy water to sprinkle or dried sage to burn. The person performing the cleansing typically recites prayers and lights a white candle in each room that has been cleansed.

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