What Are Spirit Orbs?

Spirit orbits, also known as ghost orbs, are believed to be visible evidence of spirits. They are usually witnessed at locations where some form of paranormal activity has taken place. Spirit orbs may appear in various sizes, as a single spot or a multitude of spots grouped together. When spirit orbs appear near a single person or a group of people, it is a sign that they are blessed with positive energy, goodness and protection of angels.

Spirit orbs appear as circular lights, either moving or floating, and sometimes traveling at high speeds. They are very common in paranormal video and photography. In film and digital photography, when colored spiritual orbs appear, they are thought to be caused by the subtle coloring of the camera’s lens. Other items that cause orbs to appear include rain, dust, reflective surfaces, water, bugs and spots. In videos, infrared light can reflect off these items, giving them an orb-like appearance.

In the paranormal world, people believe that orbs symbolize the energy patterns of ghost entities. Each orb may contain the energy of one or more entities. They believe that spirits appear as glowing spheres of blue, green, crimson or gold light. Blue orbs are spiritually associated with psychic energy and truth, while green orbs may symbolize love or oneness with nature. Gold or orange orbs are spiritually associated with safety and security.