How Do You Find Your Spirit Animal?


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Find your spirit animal by considering your natural affinity for certain animals, meditating and analyzing your dreams. Also known as a power animal, a spirit animal is guiding force that empowers and guides an individual.

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You cannot simply choose a spirit animal; it must choose you. A spirit animal often appears in altered states of consciousness, such as mediation or dreaming, but it can also present itself in the physical world. Pay attention to animals while you are in nature, and a spirit animal may distinguish itself with unique behavior or frequent encounters over a short period of time. Also keep an eye out for symbolic representations of animals that may hold significance.

Mediation is another way to potentially reveal a spirit animal. Although meditation can be a serious practice, searching for a spirit animal doesn’t need to be an intimidating prospect. Simply relaxing, journeying inside yourself and using active imagination can be enough to reveal a spirit animal. Setting the intention to connect with an animal is a way to focus the meditation.

Dreams can also be a useful tool to reveal a spirit animal. Pay attention to animal appearances in dreams, and try to write down a description of your dream when you wake up. Spirit animals in dreams may represent unacknowledged feelings, submerged personality traits, or other drives and emotions.

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