What Do Spider Bites Look Like?

aswer777/iStock / Getty Images Plus/Getty Images

Most spider bites are harmless and look like inflamed, reddish skin bumps, which are similar to many other common bug bites, explains WebMD. The brown recluse spider bite forms a white lesion with a red ring within about eight hours, while a black widow bite features two puncture marks, notes Healthline.

A tarantula bite feels similar to a bee sting and becomes red and warm following the initial bite, explains Healthline. Symptoms such as swelling, a rash, difficulty breathing, a rapid heart rate and low blood pressure may also occur as a result of a tarantula bite. A bite from a camel spider leaves behind a large skin wound due to the spider’s large jaw. Camel spiders are not venomous, but the large bite can become infected if not properly treated.

Aside from the physical appearance of the bite, another sign of a black widow bite is pain, usually within an hour of the bite, that may spread into the abdomen, chest or back, states WebMD. Bite victims may experience abdominal cramping so intense that health care providers mistake it for appendicitis or a ruptured appendix. In some cases of brown recluse bites, the center of the bite develops into a spreading skin ulcer. The ulcer typically stops increasing in size within 10 days, but it can be months before it fully heals.