What Are Some Spells That Really Work?

Many Wiccans and Neo-Pagans believe that when an individual merges their own intention with various rituals involving natural objects, a working spell is created. Spells are based on individual belief and intention, and require a variety of materials and tools to work correctly.

Individuals who wish to cast spells should keep the Wiccan Rede in mind. This poem, which ends with, "An' it harm none, do what ye will" is one of the laws of Wicca, and emphasizes the danger of performing spells to cause harm to another.

Once educated about this law of magic, individuals who are interested in working spells may wish to create their own, as magic is often deeply personal. A spell can be as simple as a wish, rhyme or cantrip that is recited while lighting a candle, or it can be part of a more elaborate ritual. Individuals can choose to cast a spell at a specific time in the lunar cycle, or at a specific time of day, for a greater chance of success. One can also choose to call on a god or goddess in order to add more power to the spell.

Before casting, it is important to be sure that all words and intentions are accurate. It is common for novice witches to struggle with the results of a spell, only to realize that their spell has provided them with a very literal answer to their request. This result may not be what was intended, so it is extremely important to work carefully with magic and spells.