What Is a Spell to Get Someone to Call You?

Some people believe that getting someone to call you via a spell requires chanting a three-by-three spell directed toward the caller. This spell also demands that the phone that is intended to receive the call is present in a casting circle. The spell must include the name of the person who calls and the recipient's name in sequence.

Casting a spell to get a person to place a call is a three-by-three or three-times-repeated incantation that is in the same vein as a spell for general communication. This incantation excites the intended caller's spirit to be drawn to think of the person casting the spell.

A spell for calling requires making a charm and casting a circle around this charm. A basic calling charm includes writing the person's name on a piece of paper or parchment and placing the phone that receives the call on top of the name. Drawing a circle around these items sets the stage for casting the spell.

An incantation for a calling spell is written by the caster and does not need to rhyme. Once the incantation is complete, the person casting the spell must remove the phone and fold up the piece of paper, then place the charm on or by the phone until the call is received.