What Is the Speed of a Plane During Takeoff?

Joe Drivas/Photographer’s Choice/Getty Images

The speed of a plane during takeoff could fall anywhere between 150 miles per hour and 225 miles per hour. The speed depends on the particular plane’s model and weight.

Because planes have different weights, their takeoff speeds are different. In fact, a takeoff speed between two identical planes can vary due to how many people they are carrying. However, the variations are minor and recorded takeoff speeds for different plane models is fairly consistent. The Boeing 737 weighs in the neighborhood of 100,000 pounds and typically has a 150 miles per hour takeoff speed. The Boeing 757 weights around 240,000 pounds, more than double the 737, but only requires ten more miles per hour for takeoff, clocking in at around 160 miles per hour for takeoff. The Airbus A320 weights approximately 155,000 pounds, but has a higher takeoff speed than either the 737 or 757 clocking in at around 170 miles per hour at takeoff. The Airbus A340, which weighs around 571,000 pounds, has a takeoff speed of approximately 180 miles per hour. The Boeing 747 weighs around 800,000 pounds, but has an identical takeoff speed to the A340 of 180 miles per hour. The Concorde, weighing around 400,000 pounds, has the highest takeoff speed, of around 225 miles per hour.