How Are Speeches Properly Cited in MLA Format?

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To cite any sort of spoken presentation, the MLA guidelines dictate that the name of the speaker is listed first, followed by the title of the presentation, details about the location where it took place, and a concise description of the type of presentation (lecture or keynote speech, for example). The formatting conventions for speech citation are very similar to other forms of MLA citation.

When citing a speech, it may help writers to see the speech as a written work with a title and an author. The author is, of course, the speaker, and like MLA citations of written works, the speaker’s name is listed first, with surname first, followed by the first name and separated by a comma. The speech’s name should be in quotes. If the speech has a publisher, it should be listed next, or “n.p.” should be written in if there is no known publisher. Specifics about location go next, followed by the date of the speech and a final note of what type of address was given. For example:

Gray, Gandalf. “Escaping the Eye: Hiding from Sauron in Middle Earth.” White Wizard Publications. Prancing Pony Inn, Bree, Middle Earth. Jan. 3, 1892. Conference Presentation.