What Are the Specs of the Horton Yukon SL?

The Horton Yukon SL features a 150-pound draw, and it is outlined with a camouflage design for forest terrain. The crossbow also comes with a battery-operated red laser and a scope attachment option.

To effectively hunt with crossbows, use a cocking device to improve the draw. A cocking device makes it easier for you to draw back your crossbow, and it is also a deciding factor in accuracy. When you pull back the bow by hand, you put uneven tension on the limbs. With a cocking device, however, the draw is always even and calculated.

To maintain the crossbow, protect the strings and check them regularly for signs of obvious wear and damage. Dirt may increase friction and the speed at which the strings wear, so keeping the strings clean is paramount to the longevity of the crossbow. Lubricate the rail every 15 shots to increase the life of the string, but try to avoid over-lubrication.

Even with the strings in optimal condition, replace the strings and cables as necessary. The friction and abrasion of the crossbow always wears away at the strings, and you should replace them at the first sign of tearing or fraying. If the crossbow is frequently used, replace the strings roughly once every two years.