What Are Some Specs for a Caterpillar D4 Crawler Tractor?

Martin Pettitt/CC-BY 2.0

Specifications for a Caterpillar D4 Crawler Tractor give information on the tractor’s engine, operational aspects and transmission characteristics. Other specification categories include the undercarriage and the tractor’s dimensions.

The Caterpillar D4 Crawler Tractor has a Caterpillar engine that has a gross power of 48hp or 35.8 kW with a net power of 43 hp or 32.1 kW and an engine displacement of 350 cu in or 5.7 L. The Caterpillar D4 Crawler Tractor engine has a natural aspiration and consists of 4 cylinders.

Under the operational specifications, the tractor’s operating weight stands at 10860 lb or 4926 kg. The tractor has a fuel capacity of 30 gal or 113.6 L with a cooling system fluid capacity of 11 gal or 41.6 L. The engine oil capacity stands at 3.8 gal or 14.2 L with the powertrain fluid capacity standing at 4.5 gal or 17 L while the final drives fluid capacity stands at 1.8 gal or 6.6 L.

Under transmission specifications, the Caterpillar D4 Crawler Tractor has 5 forward gears and 1 reverse gear. The maximum speed for the forward gears is 5.4 mph or 8.7 km/h. On the undercarriage, the ground contact area is 1589 in2 or 1 m2 while the standard shoe size is 13 in or 330.2 mm with the number of shoes per side standing at 31. The track gauge stands at 5 ft in or 15.24 mm. On dimensions, the Caterpillar D4 Crawler Tractor wheelbase is 61.125 in or 155 cm.