What Are the Specs on a Caterpillar C7 Engine?

Some specs of a Caterpillar C7 engine are a maximum power rating of 300 bhp and a rated speed of between 1800 and 2200 rpm. It is an inline 6, 4-stroke-cycle engine with a displacement of 7.2 liters.

The C7 engine weighs 1,296 pounds, stands 40.6-inches tall and has an overall length of 41.5 inches. With a compression ratio of 16:2:1 this turbocharged, aftercooled engine has a 110 millimeter bore and a 127 millimeter stroke.

The C7 Acert engine combines quiet operation with exceptional power, according to Caterpillar. The C7 includes power compensation for fuel temperature, programmable low and high idle and an engine monitoring system. The fuel system has a fuel transfer and fuel timing pump and the lube system has a front sump oil pan and a gear-driven oil pump.

Caterpillar’s C7.1 engine is slightly smaller, weighing in at 1,115 pounds and standing 31.4-inches tall. It has a rated speed of between 1950 and 2200 rpm and it is a standard inline-6 with a 4-stroke cycle. Both the C7 and the C7.1 follow strict emissions codes, falling under the EPA Tier 3 equivalent.

Prices and availability vary on these and other Caterpillar engines. Contact Caterpillar to request a quote.