What Special Weapons Did Perseus Have?

Wally Gobetz/CC-BY-2.0

Perseus received many special weapons on his adventures through the Ancient Greek mythological world. He used the “cap of darkness,” sometimes called “Hades’ helmet,” winged sandals, a magic bag for the gorgon’s head and a reflective shield. In some accounts, Perseus uses Chronos’ sickle on Medusa.

The Perseus myth differs throughout the Greek mythological traditions, so the exact weapons he uses and who gives them to him aren’t definitive. When Perseus first sets out on his mission to retrieve Medusa’s head, Hermes gives Perseus the winged sandals, and Athena gives him a polished shield. The Stygian Nymphs give Perseus Hades’ helmet, which make its wearer invisible, the magic bag and directions to Medusa.

After killing Medusa, Perseus rides Pegasus, the winged horse that sprang from her body. He would use Medusa’s head to rescue Andromeda by turning the sea-monster to stone. After avenging his mother’s honor, Perseus gives his weapons to Athena and Hermes.