What Is Soul Searching? [DIFFICULT]?


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Soul-searching is an inward thinking process during which a person considers his feelings and beliefs. Soul-searching usually takes place as part of a decision-making process, or as a way to help further a person's understanding of himself. The soul-searching process is unique to each person and may be a short or prolonged experience, depending on how much a person wishes to examine himself.

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Unlike other self-reflective examinations, soul-searching is typically a deep or penetrating examination of one's inner self, specifically one's mind and desires. If a person struggles with a life event or experience and hopes to come up with the best possible response to it, he may try to ascertain his deepest feelings, motives and convictions regarding the decision so that he can respond in the best possible way without betraying who he is on the inside.

Soul-searching may also he helpful to those who wish to expand and grow their lives. A person unhappy in his current situation with respect to his job or personal relationships might take time to closely examine his innermost desires for life in the hopes of finding answers on what steps to take to change his situation. Soul-searching sometimes involves travel, and those who do so may spend a great deal of time as they reflect on their inner selves.

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