Why Is Sophocles Famous?


Greek dramatist Sophocles excelled in the fields of literature and theater; he produced several great works, including the acclaimed drama "Oedipus the King." Historians consider Sophocles a distinguished playwright, and one of the three greatest producers to hail from Greece, along with Euripides and Aeschylus. Sophocles produced more than 120 dramas during his lifetime, and enjoyed a long and distinguished career.

Sophocles was born in the city of Colonus, a small village located outside of the city of Athens, Greece. Sophocles arrived into a prominent and wealthy family as the son of a successful armor manufacturer. Aided by his father's wealth, Sophocles received a high-quality education, and he showed promise in various areas of the arts, including literature and music. Sophocles' community hailed him as an exceptional youth, and the young man reciprocated his friends' and neighbors' generosities by engaging in many community activities. He served as treasury and secretary for many years, holding the honor of managing local finances.

Although he began a successful career in politics, Sophocles emerged as a gifted playwright after winning an award at a drama festival in 468 B.C. Sophocles presented an astounding 30 plays at the festival, in contrast to the typical number of four, and received recognition for his efforts. Sophocles also produced works as an artist, and made notable changes to the field of drama by expanding the size of choruses and adding third actors to dramas.