How Does Someone Make a Winking Smiley Face?


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To make a winky (or winking) smiley face press the following keys on the keyboard: ; or semicolon, - or dash or minus sign and ) or close parenthesis in that order. If done properly, the user will have typed ";-)" without the quotation marks. Alexander Graham Bell is the first person credited with using the first winking smiley face, but some argue that the message he sent with the emoticon was a typo.

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The technical term for a smiley face is an emoticon, and the term encompasses a wide range of keyboard character combinations to convey facial expressions, emotions, body language and other info that the user wishes to express in written form. Although the use of emoticons may seem recent, their use actually goes back to 1857, when people used Morse code to express love and kisses.

Scott Fahlman is the originator of the :-). In September 19, 1982, while on a message board Carnegie Mellon University, Fahlman introduced the wink smiley emoticon. Other noted computer scientists including Guy Steele, Jaime Carbonell and David Touretzky participated in the thread.

Emoticons have various versions and these include the Japanese emoticon versions, which does not require the user to read the text sideways; the Korean emoticons, which uses Hangul letters and the Chinese emoticons, which uses Chinese characters.

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