Where Do You Go to Find Someone Who Interprets Dreams?

Kasamba.com and DreamMoods.com provide diverse methods of dream interpretation. Kasamba.com offers the ability to chat with or call an interpreter, while JustAnswer.com only offers the ability to chat online with a dream advisor.

On Kasamba.com, choose the desired interpreter from the list of chat advisors. Prices and user ratings are available for each advisor. After selection, sign up through the website by clicking the chat option under the advisor's name. This is not required if the user is already a member of the site. As of October 2015, the initial 3 minutes of chat are free.

JustAnswers is a platform for a large variety of expertise. Access the Dream Interpretation category by visiting JustAnswer.com/dream-interpretation. This will direct the user to a webpage for asking questions related to dream meanings. Prices for each expert vary, and fees are not charged unless the user is satisfied.