What Are Some Solutions to End World Hunger?


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Solutions to end world hunger include practicing sustainable income generating activities and agricultural techniques. These practices provide a constant supply of food to communities and stop the reliance for food aid. Maintaining peaceful environments with controlled populations and abundant natural resources encourage effective agricultural production. Educating communities, especially women, equips them with knowledge and skills for implementing projects that eliminate hunger.

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World Food Programmes such as the Food Assistance for Assets provide communities with food security. These programs boost livelihoods by teaching communities effective techniques of developing and managing natural resources and diversifying income activities. The programs also help rehabilitate land for agriculture, construct and improve infrastructure, thus providing access to markets and social services. They provide enduring benefits for the environments and communities.

Providing women with equal access to resources, education and income helps eliminate hunger because they form the majority of agricultural laborers in many countries. Empowered women can provide food for an entire household and community. Evidence suggests that pregnant women who get adequate nutrition give birth to healthy babies who can become healthy adults.

Creating school meal programs can encourage poor communities to send children to schools. The programs should provide nutritious meals that support growth and development in children and should be sourced locally to promote sustainability. The meals motivate children to stay in school, hence improving learning abilities and reducing drop-outs rates.

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