What Does Soil and a Coin Tied in a Piece of Textile Material Mean?


Coins placed in soil and covered with cloth indicate a feng shui wealth vase that supposedly brings prosperity into the home, according to World of Feng Shui. Soil is placed inside the vase followed by several essential and secret ingredients, including coins. The vase is then covered with a five-colored cloth and tied with five strings of five colors. The finished vase is kept hidden from view in the bedroom.

The first thing to do when making a feng shui wealth vase is to find a suitable porcelain vase with a cover. Then soil goes in the bottom of the vase, preferably soil from a wealthy person's property given as a gift. A representation of the "God of Wealth" is the center of the interior. The idol can be whatever wealth god the person chooses.

Assorted crystals go into the vase to signify wealth from the Earth. Five gem globes represent wealth from all directions. Faux diamonds mean precious treasures. Three brass coins tied with red ribbon go into the vase to symbolize current wealth. Nine emperor coins mean wealth under all circumstances. Other special ingredients symbolize different kinds of wealth and prosperity.

Secret ingredients include money given by a rich person, pictures of wealthy people, pictures of luxury items and money in different currencies. The vase cover is covered in cloth and tied off with five colors to signify the five elements. A wealth vase goes in the bedroom and faces inward.