What Is Softwood Used For?

Softwoods are commonly used as woodware for homes, cabins and furniture. They are also used to produce paper pulp and for card products. Softwoods come from conifer trees, which are trees that have needles instead of leaves.

The Parana Pine is a type of softwood that is straight grained, durable and nearly knot free. It has a pale yellow color with red and brown streaks, and it is easy to cut and shape. This softwood is ideal for attaining smooth finishes. It is used in manufacturing furniture and plywood.

Another type of softwood is the Scots Pine, which is a popular natural wood. It has plenty of knots and can be resinous. Its color is usually light yellow or dark brown, and it is easy to shape with hand tools and machines. Scots Pine is used for interior work in the construction industry and also for making furniture.

Red Cedar is straight grained and works well with tools and machines. Typically, it has a reddish brown color and eventually turns to silver grey. It is used for general construction, furniture and decking. Due to its weather-resistant feature, Red Cedar is commonly used for roof shingles.

Compared to hardwoods, softwoods are generally cheaper because they grow more quickly. They grow tall and straight, that is why they are easy to cut into long planks of wood.