What Is the Sociocultural Perspective in Psychology?


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The sociocultural perspective refers to the effect that society and cultural norms have on personal behavior. When studying the way the mind controls body function, psychology uses the term "sociocultural" to explain phenomena from the mundane to the extraordinary. If it does so at all, the sociocultural perspective also refers to how society and cultural in combination effect how a personal thinks and feels.

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When looking for the sociocultural perspective, it is important to remember that the force of popular opinion affects the individual. Another fact to remember when using the sociocultural point of view is that many fields of psychology use the term and apply it differently. Some of these subfields of psychology include social and cultural psychology. The sociocultural perspective is just one of many methods of theory to understand the difference between individual and group behavior or thinking.

When people use the term "sociocultural," it means for whatever object they attach the term to, society’s influence over an individual's culture is a factor of their behavior. The term "sociocultural" is subjective and measures in each individual differently. While some people live with daily reminders of a sociocultural influence, others may only be scarcely aware of the effects.

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