What Is a Society?


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A society is a group of people invested in ongoing networking and interpersonal relationships. The presence of a society is also regimented by laws, standards and ideas about certain values. Societies are defined by a series of systems like economies, religions and infrastructures.

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A society is an interpersonal network that is invested in maintaining these connections to encourage survival of the thoughts and ideas associated with the core values of the group. Such an amalgamation of people is driven to establish a framework of morals, values and norms that dictate how people think and act. This allows the group to maintain stability and persist for a long period of time.

Societies are voluntary establishments except in cases where persecution and public opinion are imposed on a minority to fit with a majority demand. These groups are often defined by goals and standards that are taught to younger generations and upheld through public actions like civil service and volunteerism. Each society creates its own ideas as to what is best to emulate and stand for, generating unique cultural and ideological methods of conduct and thought that are specific to these groups. While society is a voluntary endeavor in most cases, it is not always radically inclusive.

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