What Are Social Skills?

Social skills refer to those skills that facilitate communication and interaction among people. Social skills are what humans require to get along with others. They range from very basic skills such as saying hello, or congratulating others on their success, to more complex ones that include skills to resolve conflicts.

Human beings are naturally social creatures and have devised several techniques to communicate their feelings and thoughts to others. Social skills can be both verbal and non-verbal communication such as body language and personal looks. Examples of social skills include maintaining eye contact with people, greeting others with a smile, showing confidence, politeness and demonstrating genuine interest in others. Social skills help in creating better relationships among people which reduces stress and anxiety.

Developing effective social skills helps in better communication, while ability to form relationships with people allows individuals to function properly in a large group of people. Good social skills help individuals to achieve greater efficiency when dealing with others. These skills allow people to make sound judgment on whether it is appropriate to mingle with a given group of individuals or to politely turn down invitations from incompatible groupings.

People with effective social skills are more admired in the society than those lacking such skills, and are more likely to get support from the mass for their initiatives. Such people often thrive in leadership positions.