What Are Social Sciences That Are Related to Economics?

While economics itself is often considered a social science, many of the social sciences, including anthropology, sociology, political science and history, all relate to economics and how the economy plays a role in human behavior throughout different time periods and cultures. Understanding the production and transfer of goods or money within a society is vital to understanding that society as a whole. For this reason, economics is closely linked with all social sciences and the study of human behavior.

Social sciences examine how humans interact within a society. The economy is a great indicator of how those within a society can and do interact, and for that reason it is imperative to understand economics if one hopes to engage in the social sciences. For instance, one cannot study the Great Depression in the United States or the Great Leap Forward in China without understanding how it was the economy that drove human behavior in those periods. Similarly, taking a look into a country's economic stability and transfer of goods and services give anthropologists insight into that country's culture.

Human behavior and economics are so closely related that one cannot be studied without the other. Economics itself is a social science, and the study of economics can be related to all other social sciences.