Why Are Social Sciences Important?

Advocates for the study of social sciences contend that studying the discipline is valuable because it serves as a framework for understanding how the findings of the so-called pure sciences affect society. While the pure sciences address issues such as medicine and energy allocation, social sciences apply that knowledge to the human condition, they say.

Social sciences, which include psychology, sociology and cultural anthropology, allow human beings to explore not only the world, but their place in it. This type of broad understanding helps cultivate great leaders, according to social sciences proponents.

The social sciences also better prepare people for careers in a variety of fields. Even the most technical jobs require those who fill them to possess social intelligence, a broad perspective and cultural understanding. Social sciences instill all of the above into students, giving them a lifetime ability to look at society from multiple perspectives.

Those who study the social sciences are apt to recommend integrating a number of disciplines to address challenges and solve problems in a group, which improves the likelihood of finding a solution. In fact, an increasing number of colleges and universities are turning to an interdisciplinary form of instruction that leans heavily on social sciences.