What Are Social Science Classes?

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Social science classes are courses in fields that offer a deeper understanding of social, economic and political issues in society. Social science classes are available in departments such as anthropology, economics, history, criminal justice, geography, human services, philosophy, political science, psychology, sociology and social science.

Classes in law, archaeology and linguistics extend into social sciences too. Social science classes focus on the relationship between the individual and society.

Social science classes are available in other disciplines such as environmental studies, business studies, demography, education, industrial relations, information sciences, library sciences, media relations, public administration, communication studies, marketing, journalism and behavioral sciences.

Social science classes evaluate experiences in an effort to analyze society. The disciplines perform research to help determine factors that cause unemployment, voting trends, happiness, quality of life and economic growth. Social science research is vital for governments, policymakers and nongovernmental organizations. For example, economics studies the relationship between people and their interactions with the societal structure with respect to goods and services. On the other hand, education and linguistics study how people learn and communicate with one another. The disciplines work toward establishing better learning methods and helping citizens communicate positively with one another. Psychology studies the mind and how people experience the world.