What Does Social Responsibility Mean?

According to Colorado State University, social responsibility in business refers to the responsibility of a company to conduct business in accordance with its own desires while conforming to the basic rules of society. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is also referred to the conscience of a business, and it ensure a company will act in compliance with the laws, ethical standards and international norms while it conducts business.

CSR is generally written in as part of a company’s mission and it stands as a guide to what the company stands for or a promise the business makes its customers. Social responsibility helps a company realize the impact that it has on others and the environment while it is trying to reach its bottom line so it is not solely focused on maximizing profits.

The individuals who are responsible for a business are the businessmen an executives who make the decisions. These people have a direct responsibility to all employees, and the managers within the organization are agents of the business owners and they have a primary responsibility to them to carry out the desires of the company instead of their own agendas. The main force driving against a company’s desire to act socially responsible is when the business is trying to remain competitive in an insustry.