What Are Some Social Problems of the United States?

Some of the most divisive social issues in the U.S. include capital punishment, pollution, substance abuse, domestic violence, gay rights, gun rights, global warming and abortion. Some of these issues present quite a challenge since they are caused by activities that help generate income for the citizens of the country while others regard people's beliefs.

Capital punishment is one of the social issues that has over the years attracted sharp reactions from Americans. Some people believe it is a good idea to sentence capital offenders to death while others, especially those with religious beliefs, hold the opinion that no human being has the right to put another to death regardless of the offense.

Another issue is abortion where some people feel a woman has the right to abort while others believe it is absolutely wrong to abort. Those who support abortion are of the opinion that a woman should choose whether to keep a baby or not in such events as when a woman is a victim of rape.

Pollution is another contentious social issue since it leads to environmental degradation. However, industries that hold the largest share of blame with regard to pollution claim that if they stop their activities many people would be rendered jobless and that provision of goods and services may be compromised leading to an economic crisis.