How Do You Smudge a House With Sage?

How Do You Smudge a House With Sage?

To smudge a house with sage, open the doors and windows before lighting the sage stick like incense and going around the house with it. Set your mental intention and pray for cleansing throughout the process of smudging your house. Infuse the rooms with smoke, and apply sage smoke to yourself before extinguishing it. Bury or flush the remaining sage.

  1. Gather supplies

    Get a sage smudge stick, an empty bowl to hold under the smoking sage and a bowl of water.

  2. Air the house

    Open the doors and windows for air. Turn on any fans.

  3. Light the sage

    Light the sage stick, blow out and leave smoking.

  4. Set intentions and pray

    In each room, announce your intentions and pray for cleansing.

  5. Carry the burning sage throughout the house

    Take the smoking sage from room to room carrying the empty bowl to catch the ashes. Visualize cleansing as you proceed.

  6. Give yourself a sage smoke bath

    Cover yourself in sage smoke. Picture the self-cleansing process in your mind.

  7. Dispose of the sage

    Put out the smoking embers in water. Bury or flush the remaining sage.