Why Do I Have Small Bumps on My Neck?

Small bumps on the neck can indicate several conditions that include cysts, acne, insect bites and allergic reactions, according to Healthline. While many causes of skin bumps are minor, it’s important for individuals with unexplained or painful symptoms to consult with a physician.

Small neck bumps can also indicate skin tags, a condition in which small, soft growths develop on the skin of the neck, underarms and groin, according to National Health Service UK. Skin tags are similar in appearance to small warts, but are not contagious. In most cases, skin tags are considered harmless and cause no pain, but the growths can be removed if necessary.

Small, pimple-like growths on the neck are a common symptom of heat rash, a condition caused by swollen sweat ducts, according to WebMD. Heat rash bumps are pink to red in color and can also develop on the head and shoulders. Heat rashes are more common in infants, but adults can also develop the condition. Additional symptoms of heat rash include pain and itching. Heat rash often resolves on its own, but infections can develop from intense scratching. It is important to consult with a physician if symptoms of heat rash are accompanied by swollen glands or signs of infection such as red-streaked skin or pus development.