What Are Small Bananas Called?

Small bananas also go by the name of mini bananas. Some people may mistake small bananas for plantains, but these two fruits differ in a number of ways, including size and color.

Mini bananas have a much sweeter flavor than full-size bananas do. This makes them an ideal treat for finicky children who don’t eat much fruit. They also tend to have thinner peels, which also makes them child-friendly. To get the same nutritional benefits as a full banana, eat at least two small ones.

Plantains look just like regular bananas, but they have a different flavor and contain more starch. They are vitamin-rich, but unlike bananas, they are not sold in bunches. They come in three different colors: black, yellow and green. Black plantains have a sweeter taste and can be used to enhance baked dishes. Yellow plantains also have a sweet flavor and a soft texture. Green plantains have the same starchiness as a potato and taste great fried.