What Is the Slogan of Dell?

Getty Images North America/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Dell’s slogan has changed a few times in company history, but as of 2014, its slogan is “Dell. Purely You.” An American company based in Round Rock, Texas, Dell is a leader in computers, technology and office equipment.

Michael Dell was just 19 years old when he founded the company in 1984. Michael was a freshmen majoring in premed at the University of Texas when he started the company, originally named PCs Limited. He started out with just $1,000 in funding and left school at the end of his freshmen year. In 2013, the Dell company became number one in PC shipments worldwide.

Dell is widely known for offering customers the ability to customize and individualize their own computer to their specific liking. This customization applies to laptops, notebooks, and desktop computers. They take pride in offering products tailored to their customers’ needs, hence the creation of the company slogan.