What Are Some Skills Associated With Analytical Problem Solving?


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Evaluation, simplification, consideration and decision-making are the main skills behind analytical problem solving. Analytical problem solving requires a logical and methodical approach and the cooperation of multiple individuals.

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Evaluating the problem involves clarifying the nature of the problem by formulating the right questions. Information on the problem must be systematically gathered. The problem may be compared to similar ones that have previously been solved. The data gathered must be reduced to its simplest form and organized into a logical structure.

The desired outcome of the problem solving must be clearly defined. Attempts to solve the problem by breaking it down into smaller, more manageable pieces are attempted. Information previously gathered must be effectively communicated between groups working on different problem parts. The individual options and outcomes are assessed more thoroughly. Steps to achieve the final objective are defined. Impossible and impractical options must be eliminated.

Further information on the remaining options is gathered, and a final decision is made. The decision is implemented to resolve the problem. Concerned parties, such as colleagues or superiors, are notified. Continued monitoring of the solution may be conducted to ensure the problem does not resurface. Analytical problem solving complements lateral and creative thinking, which require a diffusive approach.

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