How Do the Six Pillars of Character Help You Make Ethical Decisions?


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The six pillars of character help you make ethical decisions by guiding your choices and ensuring they are ethically sound. These pillars are multi-level, decision-making filters that help you process your decisions objectively. These six pillars are trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring and citizenship.

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Trustworthiness involves making decisions that uphold people's trust in you by being honest, reliable, loyal and reputable. You should have the courage to do the right thing and to stand by your country, community and family. Respect involves making decisions that uphold people's dignity. The decisions you make should prohibit exploitation, manipulation, violence and humiliation. They should uphold civility, courtesy, tolerance, dignity and autonomy.

Responsibility helps you realize that actions have consequences. In the decision making process, responsibility helps you pursue excellence, exercise self-restraint and be accountable for your actions. Making fair decisions requires you to be impartial and open. Your actions should follow due process and promote equity and justice.

The caring pillar helps you make decisions with others in mind. Decisions you make should be compassionate and kind. In cases where ethical decisions hurt someone, they should not cause more harm than is necessary. The citizenship pillar filters your decisions to ensure they make your community better. It ensures you respect authority and that your decisions obey the law.

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