How Is a Situation With a Suitor's Family Resolved?


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A situation with a suitor's family can be resolved in different ways, depending on the culture, family and belief systems. Some suitors are unwelcome because they are unfamiliar, so spending quality time with the family can help foster warmth, openness and greater bonding.

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Some courtships fail because the man and woman are completely subservient to the demands, wishes and judgments of their parents during courtship. The lack of communication often causes issues with the family of a love interest, so improving or restoring quality communication can mend broken bridges. Encouraging the suitor to sit down and discuss the main issues with members of the family is essential for creating a better relationship. A suitor who can successfully resolve issues with the parents first can likely win over the entire family. Counseling sessions from a therapist or member of the congregation can aid in conflict resolution as well. In some cultures, a male suitor can attempt to please the family by giving a suitable peace offering to them. A peace offering from a suitor may consist of money, livestock or other monetary assets valued in a particular society.

Major issues with a suitor's family should be resolved quickly and peacefully, or it can block the road to marriage for a loving couple. In some cases, issues with a suitor's family can never be resolved if the family decides to reject the person completely due to a bad family name or negative disposition. Religious differences may also block courtship between two people, but a family may decide to accept a suitor if he converts to the same religion.

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