What Are the Similarities Between Micro and Macro Sociology?

One major similarity between micro sociology and macro sociology is that they both study human interaction within different types of situations. Another similarity between micro sociology and macro sociology is that studying one leads to understanding in the other. This is possible because micro sociology focuses on smaller groups that are often present in larger demographics. Likewise, watching the effect of widespread occurrences often explains individual behavior.

Sociology studies human behavior on the macro and micro level, whether it is on a grand scale such as a civil rights movement or just small scale like a schoolyard rumor. Working on both the macro and micro level of sociology requires a person to use their sociological imagination. When a person practices using their sociological imagination on the micro and macro level, they see deep intertwined connections within human interactions.

In order to use the sociological imagination on the macro and micro level, sociologists employ different perspectives which overlap one another at times. Besides applying theories and perspectives, sociologists collect data in much the same way whether they work on the micro or macro level. Some of the methods scientist use in micro and macro sociology include experiments, surveys, observation and archival research.