What Are the Similarities Between Horus and Jesus?

Similarities between Horus and Jesus include their virgin births, being the only son of a god, their royal ancestries, their age during their respective right of passage rituals, the breaks in their life histories between the ages of 12 and 30 and their 12 disciples. Other similarities include the names of Horus' mother, Meri, and Jesus' mother, Mary, as well as their identification with the cross.

Horus has also been depicted carrying a crook and has been called the good shepherd, much like how Jesus is commonly associated with a lamb and the shepherd. The births of Horus and Jesus were both said to be announced by angels and accompanied by stars in the East. The trinity of Horus, his father Atum and Ra is also said to mirror the holy trinity of Christianity in God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

The depictions of Jesus in the Bible and those in Egyptian mythology having to do with Horus both refer to struggles with an evil force: Satan in Christianity and Set in Egyptian mythology. In the case of Horus, this struggle was said to take place on Mount Hetep, while a similar struggle between Jesus and Satan is believed to have occurred on a high mountain. Horus and Jesus were also both said to have been baptized at the age of 30.