What Are the Signs of a Virgo Man in Love?

Virgo is one of the most committed and affectionate signs once in love. The Virgo man enjoys showing his love and giving the relationship all his attention and resources. But he is also very cautious and moves slowly because he doesn't like exposing himself emotionally when he is insecure. When he does feel secure, he is devoted and protective and makes sure his partner feels secure as well.

The Virgo man can be misunderstood at times, because he is a private person, so he can come across as cold and reserved. In fact, he avoids emotional risk and dislikes not being in control of his emotions. When he is secure that his partner's feelings are reciprocated, he is ready to idealize, adore and sacrifice for this person.

Virgos are observant and methodical. They enjoy stability and creating a safe space where they can develop a steady and caring relationship. However, the Virgo man can become critical and analytical when comfort settles into the relationship. His lover should not be thrown off by this, as it does not mean that his love is fading in any way. It just means that, at this stage, he is comfortable enough to be his rational perfectionist self. The fact that for a moment he let go of control and exposed himself to emotional uncertainty is the biggest sign that he is in love.