What Are Some Signs and Symbols and Their Meanings?

An upside-down seashell, called the Shell of Saint James, is a Christian symbol that commemorates Saint James. The Hathor, which is a circle with two curved, vertical lines that resemble horns rising from its top, represents the Egyptian goddess of love, music and beauty. An upside-down triangle is the symbol of water in alchemy, and a red heart is a symbol that represents love around the world.

Another symbol used worldwide is the clef, a musical symbol that denotes the pitch of the notes in a song. The Pluto is a symbol that resembles the letter "P" with an extra line on the bottom, and it represents the Roman god Pluto, who ancient Romans believed was the ruler of the underworld. The cross, which consists of a vertical line and a second horizontal line that crosses it near the top, is a worldwide symbol of Christianity. The ichthys, a simple fish shape, is another symbol of the Christian faith.

The worldwide symbol for peace is a circle that encloses an upside-down Y, divided by an extra line. The white dove is another symbol that represents peace. The Jolly Roger, which is a black flag with a skull and crossed bones on it, denotes pirates.