What Are Some Signs of Psychological Manipulation?

Signs of psychological manipulation include overwhelming someone with facts and statistics and raising the voice and displaying negative emotions. Other signs include negative surprises and the silent treatment, as Psychology Today indicates.

Some people become intellectual bullies by considering themselves knowledgeable and experts in specific areas. They take advantage of an individual by imposing alleged statistics and facts that he may not have come across. The manipulator uses such techniques to make himself feel intellectually superior to other people, explains Psychology Today.

During discussions, some people raise their voice as a way of aggressive manipulation. They assume that by raising their voice other people may submit to their coercion and grant them their wishes. Such people combine the strong voice with strong body language to increase the impact, says Psychology Today.

To gain a psychological advantage and put other people off balance, some individuals use negative surprises. For example, the manipulator can suddenly say that he quits the job unless the employer meets certain conditions immediately. In such a situation, the employer has little time to prepare and counter his move, according to Psychology Today.

Manipulators use the silent treatment to presume power and make his victim wait. The intention is to place uncertainty and doubt in the victim's mind. For example, the manipulator can decide not to respond to text messages, calls and other inquiries. He uses the silence as a leverage, explains Psychology Today.