What Are Some Signs Your Partner Is a Bully?


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Bullies talk condescendingly to their partners, control the money and insult their partners in public, explains Crosswalk.com. Bullies criticize their partners' appearances and what their partners do. The bullies' victims feel fearful, intimidated and unable to defend themselves. Victims also generally suffer from low self-esteem, depression, panic attacks and anxiety.

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Bullies feel entitled to call their partners names, such as lazy, stupid or worthless, notes NoBullying.com. Bullies behave this way because they believe that they are more intelligent than everyone around them. They believe it is their right to browbeat their partners and treat them disrespectfully.

Bullies deny any wrong-doing, and they believe their partners need to be corrected, states Crosswalk.com. They need partners who tolerate the abuse, as they thrive on power and control. Bullies feed on a sense of power.

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