What Are Signs of Going Deaf?

Gary John Norman/Cultura/Getty Images

Signs of a person going deaf can vary depending on age, but can include ringing in the ears, ear pain and the ear feeling full, according to the Scripps Research Institute. In children the signs can be harder to discern, but can include a lack of interest in musical instruments, not making noises such as cooing or babbling and, in older children, not reacting to their name.

The signs of going deaf can also depend on environmental causes. If a person is losing hearing from loud music or loud noises, the symptoms may start as a ringing in the ear, but fade and be replaced by other symptoms. Some of the symptoms are as simple as the person having difficulty hearing. The ear is connected to a persons balance so when issues occur in the ear, the person suffering from the effects may feel dizzy or feel like the room is spinning. This can occur whether they are sitting down or standing up. Deafness can be inherited, but tests can be done for hearing loss if there are possible symptoms. Deafness in babies can be caused by an infection in the womb. This is one of many reasons why prenatal care is important for women, to make sure that their baby stays healthy even in the womb.