What Are the Signs of a Ghost's Presence?

Some sensory signs of a ghost's presence include a foul taste in the mouth, itchy eyes, oily skin and the feeling of being touched. In some cases, people may also experience pins and needles, headaches, being unable to move and strangling sensations.

Here are some other signs of a ghost's presence:

  • Some people experience auditory signs, such as hearing whispers. In some cases, recording devices pick up these sounds.
  • Other auditory signs include knocking sounds, footsteps and doors opening and closing. This is especially the case when there is nobody else in the house.
  • Sometimes pets display strange behavior when a ghost is around. This includes barking at someone the owner cannot see and refusing to go near the area where ghostly activity is occurring.
  • People who encounter ghosts may experience sudden changes in temperature. This usually means an area of the property becoming unexpectedly hot or cold compared with the rest of the room.
  • Some individuals experience physical sensations that result in unexplained injuries. For example, they may wake up with scratches and bruises, but cannot account for their appearance.
  • One of the most definitive signs of ghostly activity is actually seeing one. This may manifest as a figure rather than a full image. Usually, ghosts occupy one particular place rather than moving around.