What Are the Signs of Being a Natural Witch?

Some signs of being a natural witch include feeling a strong connection to nature, possessing wisdom, feeling a strong connection to animals and feeling linked to the moon. Although witches are sometimes ostracized by society, true natural witches worship nature, not Satan or other evil spirits, explains Rebelle Society.

Natural witches are characterized by a strong association with nature. They may feel the changes of the seasons more strongly than others, aligning their mood or lifestyle with changes throughout the year. Witches feel more at peace in nature, and typically want to live as close to it as possible, explains Rebelle Society.

Witches also typically possess significant wisdom. They have a natural level of curiosity and are knowledgeable about a wide range of subjects, from interpersonal relationships to herbalism, according to Rebelle Society. Someone who provides herbal remedies and is frequently consulted by others for advice may have the potential to be a natural witch.

A strong connection to animals is another possible sign of being a natural witch. Witches often feel a higher level of empathy with animals than others, and may also be able to communicate with them more easily. They may also frequently attract stray or lost animals, explains Rebelle Society.

Finally, witches typically feel an innate connection to the moon. They may base new events in their life around lunar cycles, and may also feel their own mood change along with the phases of the moon.