What Are Some Significant Number Meanings From the Bible?

Significant number meanings from the Bible are that seven means completeness and holiness while the number two means truth. In addition, the number 12 in the Bible often signifies a base or a foundation such as the 12 disciples of Jesus that Jesus uses to begin his ministry.

Writers use the number seven throughout the Bible to represent finishing a task such as when the Israelites march around Jericho seven times before the walls of Jericho fell down. In addition, when a disciple asks Jesus how many times to forgive someone, Jesus replies not just seven times but 70 times seven times. The book of Revelation references seven churches, seven angels and resurrection that occurs at the seventh trumpet. While the number seven in the Bible signifies spiritual completeness, the Bible often associates the number six with Christian enemies. Six is also the number that the Bible uses to indicate when something is incomplete.

By contrast, the number two in the Bible often means truth for example that two witness verify the truth of a matter in a legal proceeding. In addition, in the book of Genesis, Pharaoh describes receiving a dream twice so he knows that the dream is a serious prophecy. In the Bible, the number two also represents the dual nature of something, for example the two horns that represent dual leadership of the Medo-Persian Empire.

The number 12 in the Bible represents the basis or beginning of something. For example, Jesus chooses 12 disciples to begin his ministry. Likewise, John's vision of heaven includes 12 foundation stones. The Bible places similar foundational meaning on multiples of 12.