What Sign Is September?


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The astrological sign Virgo is associated with the first three weeks of September, while the last week of the month is represented by Libra. The astrological intervals do not perfectly align with the Gregorian calendar, so some birthdays fall within the range of Virgo and Libra.

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Virgo is represented by the Virgin, a maiden who carries bundles of wheat. The Virgin symbolizes a deep connection with nature and the harvest. People with the Virgo astrological sign are viewed as perceptive, analytical and emotionally reserved, but also loyal and sincere.

Libra is represented by a set of weighing scales, symbolizing a desire for balance. The Libra sign is associated with people who are fair-minded, artistic and intellectually driven. Depending on their intentions, Libras can be either peacemakers who help others settle differences or manipulators who use eloquence to convince others.

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