Which Sign Is Scorpio Most Compatible With?

According to the websites Astrology.com and ZodiacSigns.com, Scorpio is most compatible with the other two water signs, Cancer and Pisces. Sharing the same element gives them profound insight into each other's minds.

Scorpio and Pisces understand and respect each other a great deal. They are both intuitive. Scorpio helps Pisces turn dreams into reality, and in return, Pisces gives Scorpio sympathy.

Scorpios tend to be absolutists and see everything as good or bad. A Pisces shows Scorpio the bigger picture and teaches him or her to appreciate more in life.

Scorpio and Cancer enjoy creature comforts and work together to create a comfortable living space. Both signs are very home-oriented and see life as a profound emotional journey.

Together, Scorpio and Cancer are loyal and help each other with emotional expression. They both appreciate the emotional and domestic security the other gives them.