Are the Side Effects of TURP Surgery Long-Term or Short-Term?

Army Medicine/CC-BY 2.0

Side effects of TURP, or transurethral resection of the prostate, surgery are both long-term and short-term, according to Mayo Clinic. One of the short-term side effects is urinary retention that lasts for a few days after the operation. Some patients need a catheter to help them urinate.

Painful urination is another short-term effect of TURP, claims Mayo Clinic. This discomfort usually lasts from one week to about a month. Blood in the urine is also a short-term effect, but the amount of blood is unlikely to be excessive. Fortunately, most men who undergo TURP surgery see an improvement in their symptoms, especially if their symptoms were very troublesome, according to WebMD.

The doctor is likely to recommend that the patient refrain from eating foods which cause constipation, that he not take blood-thinning drugs, engage in sex or strenuous activity, or drive for a while, states the Mayo Clinic. The doctor sometimes prescribes painkillers for discomfort, according to Johns Hopkins Medicine.

Long-term effects of TURP include recurring urinary tract infections, especially if the patient has a catheter in place for a long time, claims Mayo Clinic. Other men suffer incontinence, retrograde ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. Some men need re-treatment if their symptoms recur or if they have complications such as narrowing of the neck of the bladder.