What Are Some Side Dishes for Pizza?

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There are a number of side dishes for pizza, including garlic bread, ranch sticks, hot wings, chicken fries, ranch potato wedges, salad, chips and roasted vegetables. Roasted vegetables, such as asparagus and broccoli, make suitable sides for a vegetarian household or vegetarian friend.

These sides can be prepared at home and served with the pizza. The pizza can also be served with a variety of topping choices to help give each guest, friend or family member the perfect pizza for their taste buds.

Pizza is one of the oldest comfort foods and was one of America’s first favorite foods. In the United States, the first documented pizzeria is G. Lombardi’s pizzeria, located on Spring Street in Manhattan. It was first licensed to sell pizza in 1905. Before this time, pizza was only made at home. Lombardi’s Pizza is still open and it continues to serve pizza.

Three more celebrated pizzerias joined Lombardi soon thereafter with Mario’s opening in 1919 on Arthur Avenue in the Bronx, Totonno’s opening in 1924 on Coney Island in Brooklyn and Pepe’s opening in 1925 at New Haven. After World War II, pizza grew in popularity and the food was no longer seen as an ethnic food item, but rather as an American staple.